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Project overview

"Our Chicago" - ABC 7 Chicago is relaunching Newsviews with a new name -- "Our Chicago."The new ABC7 segment will reflect the station's long-time commitment to covering a broad range of topics and issues that are important to its diverse audiences in the city and the suburbs.

Our Chicago: Building Black

ABC7 is proud to celebrate Black History Month with a special presentation of "Our Chicago: Building Black" (formerly "Heart & Soul"). From a revitalizing neighborhood construction project to programs that help fortify the mind, body and spirit, the half-hour special explores Chicago stories working to build new opportunities in the Black community. Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Burton and Hosea Sanders, with contributions from Jim Rose, Val Warner and Will Jones.

The Shoot

Our Chicago: Asian Voices

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, ABC 7 Chicago presents "OUR CHICAGO: ASIAN VOICES," a program that shines the spotlight on Chicago's Pan-Asian American community and the uplifting, fun and inspirational ways the community is leading the way in Chicago. Hosted by ABC 7 anchors Judy Hsu and Ravi Baichwal with contributions by reporters Eric Horng and Cate Cauguiran.

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Our Chicago: Stop The Violence

ABC 7 CHICAGO takes an in-depth look at gun violence in Chicago and its suburbs, the toll it takes on individuals and communities, and what can be done to prevent the heartbreaking recurrence of injuries and fatalities that threaten the well-being of our citizens with the two-part special. Hosted by ABC 7 and Windy City Live  Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini, with contributions from Evelyn Holmes.

The Shoot

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