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Master the Art of Video Production

Our team of creatives obtain years of knowledge, experience and support that creatives need at all stages of production to achieve their vision. We offer a variety of programs that recognize the importance of nurturing emerging creatives and giving back.

Our hands-on and in-person approach and curriculums are unique and tailored for individuals, media companies, educational institutions and places of worship. Custom training is also offered for institutions and companies that need to train their staff on specific acquisition technologies or subjects.

Production Management services

Video Production Training Workshops


Ministry Through Production

An in-person workshop helping you take your churches live stream video production to the next level with a cost effective and excellent online worship experience.

5 - 5 hrs + Workshop. Training


DJI Ronin 3 (Gimbal)

An in-person workshop that includes discussion of the technical aspects of the system and demonstrates various shooting techniques.

5 - 5 hrs + Workshop. Training


Broadcast Cameras (LIVE TV)

Provides the skills for a camera operator to setup and operate a Broadcast Build-Up camera system for LIVE TV.

5 - 5 hrs + Workshop. Training


ProPresenter Essentials

An online or in-person course to help you quickly implement and master ProPresenter presentation software for worship.

5 - 5 hrs + Workshop. Training


Jimmy Jib

An in-person workshop teaching the basics of the Jimmy Jib including technical aspects and shooting techniques.

5 - 5 hrs + Workshop. Training

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